Wedding FAQ

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you want to get every detail right including who the photographer will be. It’s a huge decision to make but hopefully the answers below will give you confidence that you have come to the right person. Please also take a few minutes to look at the wedding gallery to get a flavour of how your wedding pictures may look and do get in touch if you want to book me.

Do also please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. 

Do we need to meet up before the wedding day?

Absolutely! For a wedding photoshoot, we do need to meet up for a coffee and to chat through everything. I also draw up a rough photo list of some of the shots that you will want which I then send to you electronically for confirmation. I can help here and draw up a provisional wedding shot list including photographs that you might not thought of. Ideally, I would like to visit both the church/wedding ceremony venue and the reception location with you, where we can do a quick walk and talk through of your day and look at good locations for both the group shots and the “love” shots of the two of you.

Do you shoot alone?

Yes. My aim is to be a friend at your wedding whilst also being your photographer. Shooting alone allows me to remain unobtrusive and to go unnoticed for the majority of the day.

How do we pick a good location for the shots of the two of us?

This is normally a favourite spot of yours or somewhere between the wedding ceremony venue and the reception but I can help you here.

How long do shots of the bride and groom take?

Ideally between 30-45 minutes; the bride and groom shots are one of my specialities and perhaps the main photographs that you will want framed and that you will look at months and years down the line.

Do we need to feed you during the day?

Ideally yes, as I am on the go for the whole day, but I am happy to eat in a side room or even the kitchen and definitely do not need to be seated on a reception table.

What happens after the wedding day?

I normally begin work on the wedding photographs within a week but please be aware that a wedding edit– takes a lot of care and attention and it can be up to four-six weeks after the wedding before you see photos. When the images are ready, I normally send you a notification email and then send you the photos shortly after as below.

How many images do you supply?

This varies but normally between 300-400.

How do you supply the photos?

I supply the low-res photos (ideal for social media such as Facebook or Instagram) on which is a easy, low-maintenance cloud-based computer file transfer service. You don’t need to register and you get the photos within a few hours once I have uploaded and sent them. With the high-res photos, I send them in the post via registered mail on a USB stick.

How do we pay you?

For weddings, I normally ask for 80 per cent (of the agreed price) paid upfront by BAC with the other 20 per cent due the week of the wedding (or the week after the wedding). This is to secure the job and get it booked into my diary.

Do we need to sign a contract?

I normally issue a standard photographer’s wedding contract which hopefully forges an agreement we are both happy with but I can talk you through this when we first talk.

Do we retain copyright of the images?

As photographer, I retain the copyright, but I give you the licence (as stated in the wedding contract) to use the photos as you wish from the USB for personal use including making prints. You may use also them on social media if the images are credited with a simple copyright line. I also ask that I am able to use some on social media and my website but this is wholly dependent on your explicit permission.

How long do you keep our photographs for?

I keep a copy of all the edited photographs from the shoot on an external digital archive system, so if anything happens to your photos whether you have lost them or they have been destroyed, I can supply another copy for you (for a very small fee).