"The photo shoot that we did with Jonathan was very laid back and super quick. It is almost unbelievable how fast he works and when you see how amazing the results are! He gives just enough guidance to help you be confidently natural during the shoot – nothing seems or turns out overly posed. He captured so much emotion and so many faces of our little Sophia that we often see at home and long to share with others and now we can! Jonathan is so friendly and incredibly professional as he works and we couldn't have been happier with the results! Thanks Jonathan… we love you! "

"We are so thrilled that we had Jonathan take our family pictures – we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. He was incredibly helpful and flexible, and was happy to take requests as well, a rarity among photographers! He made the morning fun and made even my husband (who wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a morning of picture taking) felt like it was just a regular day at the park. Even our toddlers enjoyed it! We love the pictures and will treasure them as our kids get older."

"Jonathan is so brilliant at drawing out new mothers’ adoration and babies delight."

"I absolutely loved my shoot with Jonathan – not only because the end results looks truly amazing, but also because the shoot itself was so much fun and felt like a relaxed Sunday morning walk with a friend. I believe it is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the shoots that makes Jonathan’s pictures so special – they capture wonderful little moments of life, full of beauty and joy."

"Jonathan has a wonderful way of making posing for portraits easy and fun! In the past I have found such an exercise exhausting and awkward – but I really enjoyed the experience and felt like I was able to just be myself and allow him to capture that creatively. I wasn't surprised by the outcome – his work is sensitive, deep and yet playful, it's full of the richness of life. Jonathan's photography is also technically strong, being wonderfully composed and with perfect lighting."

"The photo shoot that the children had with Jonathan was a relaxed affair – they immediately felt at ease and natural with him and the resulting photos captured their personalities, and their beauty perfectly. This is quite an achievement, as our children often take a while to ‘warm up’ to new people."

"With Jonathan it is fair to say we got the complete package for hiring a photographer for our three day music festival. He was extremely enthusiastic about our event from the word go and could not have been more helpful throughout the weekend. He was also unobtrusive when taking pictures of the delegates but it was clear that he was all over the site and working extremely hard. However, this is all well and good but the proof really has to be in the pudding when you hire a photographer and we were absolutely delighted by the work Jonathan produced. The quality of the photography was first class; he managed to express the feel for the event through his pictures which was exactly what we required. And the sheer volume of pictures was incredibly helpful for us to choose not just excellent photographs but the same scene and moment from several different angles."

"Jonathan eloquently captures the essence of one’s person. He's quickly gained a reputation for exposing inner beauty so creatively that each photo lures emotion and radiates."

"I had seen Jonathan’s work before I commissioned him and loved the way he photographed people. The photos he has taken of my five year old son have brought out his true personality. Jonathan had the knack of getting on the same wavelength as Max and very quickly putting him at his ease so he my son had real fun when the photos were being taken and forgot the camera was there. Jonathan also chose a great location – by Sandford Lock in Oxfordshire, and gained access, by speaking nicely to the lock keeper, to an area normally not open to the public. The photos are really natural and when I look at them, now and in the future, I can see Max doing what he does best... playing and enjoying being a little boy."

"Our wedding photos were amazing! We were absolutely spoiled for choice when it came to putting our book together. Every moment was captured, and captured well, scenes from the day, both traditional and distinct to our wedding; from pre-wedding primping to shots of the procession before she entered; candids at the altar and at our reception; all of them, we wonderfully won't forget now. Jonathan, you've been a dude throughout this whole season pre- and post-wedding. Know that we love you and are thankful for you."

"Jonathan really did a fantastic job with our wedding pictures. My wife and I were extremely thankful to him for his availability, organisation and enthusiasm before, during and after the wedding."

"I saw a friend at the weekend and she and her new husband were raving about Jonathan – what an encouragement he was to them, and how welcoming he had been of this friend’s fiancée, and how much they enjoyed having him as their wedding photographer. Matt’s best man and his wife also said that his photos were the best wedding photos that they had ever seen. I love our photos too – I think that Jonathan is very gifted."

"Jonathan was very easy to be with on the day, lovely and caring and puts people at ease, polite, not bossy, doesn't get stressed, kind and keen to fit in with what is needed. He works hard to provide what the bride wants. He gives a lovely range of photos from reportage to formal – and is especially talented at capturing the mood of the day in the getting ready shots etc. The photos themselves are artistic and the album that he provides is a lovely way of remembering the day."