I am a portrait photographer living in London and I love what I do. For me, it’s all about people – meeting new people, chatting to people, hearing their stories, forging friendships, building community, capturing the true essence of someone.

I discovered my passion for photography as a teenager and then spent much of the early noughties travelling around the world, visiting and photographing communities in India, Peru, South Africa and Swaziland. This included spending time on the Ground Zero site in New York, witnessing HIV/AIDS work in Southern Africa, meeting community workers in two slum areas of Peru and paying many visits to orphanage and leprosy projects across India.

It was through my travels where I gained a fresh understanding about the alluring combination of brokenness and beauty within everyone. Today, I try to capture this through my photography – the divine amongst the ordinary – looking at things from the corner of the eye rather than from the centre. A simple act of kindness, a mother kissing her child, two people sharing over a cup of coffee, a woman leaving the temple in tears as everyone enters, community being forged. It’s in such detail that I delight and which acts as one of the main inspirations for my photography.

I want to capture something extraordinary in every image that I take – a window into something deeper, of beauty, pain and love. The greatest of these though is love as we are nothing without love, and it’s what drives my photography and why I do what I do. It’s also why I have divided my photos into the “four loves” categories (as CS Lewis coined the phrase, in the book of the same name). Please click on this link to read more about the Four Loves.

If you are interested in booking me for a portrait session, please contact me via the contact page to arrange an initial pre-shoot meeting. If it’s a portrait shoot with children and/or a family-based shoot, then ideally I would like to meet all of you together.